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CSE Crows Clinic 2018

Centre State Exports in conjunction with the Adelaide Crows Football Club recently held their third annual Crows Country Kids Clinic. Seventeen regional football clubs from across the state had nominated their best 13 or 14 year old to spend a 'training day' with the Adelaide Crows.

The clinic was held while the Adelaide Crows conducted their final training ‘captain’s run’ at Adelaide Oval on 20th July before the Crows top of the table clash with Geelong.

2018 marks the fourth successive running of the clinic and over the four years more than 50 different SA country football clubs have participated.

The kids nominated by their club included

Joel Bertelsmeier – Blyth/Snowtown FC

Darcy Bastian – BMW FC

Brody Gray – Border Districts FC

Jack Harris – Bute FC

Brad Barnes – CY Cougars FC

Andrew Horrace – Crystal Brook FC

Harvey Pedler – Cummins Ramblers FC

Angus Maynard – CMS Crows FC

Jack Grosser – Eastern Rangers FC

Harvey McDonald – Freeling FC

Harry Reynolds – Jamestown/Peterborough FC

Jack McAuley – Keith FC

Ty Zerk – Lameroo FC

Dusty Wheare – Lock FC

Luke Stephenson – Peake & District FC

Tyrell Box – Pinnaroo FC

Henry Elson – RSMU FC

Phoenix Barclay – United FC

Liam Gerber – United Yeelanna FC

Phoenix Foster – Wudinna FC

The football department of the Adelaide Crows put together a program for the boys that gave them an understanding as to what is required to make it to the AFL.

The clinic was held at Adelaide Oval, which enabled access to some of the key coaching, recruiting and training staff of the Adelaide Football Club including Assistant Coach Ben Hart, Head of Football Brett Burton and Player Education & Academy Coordinator Jarrod Meers.

‘The message we try to deliver to the kids is that they need to make the most of any opportunities that come their way and enjoy their footy’, said Meers. ‘It’s important that they have a balanced life, maintain a good education and ensure that they take to several positions on the field to be versatile players in their upcoming football careers.’

The highlight of the day for many of the boys was the one on one time spent with South Australia’s very own ‘country boy’ and Adelaide Crows ruckman Sam Jacobs. Sam gave the boys some real insight into the hard work, dedication and sacrifice required to make it in the AFL.

The boys also had the chance to stretch their legs and were put through a training session with Education Coordinator/Next Generation Academy Coordinator Jarrod Meers & Assistant Coach Josh Francou. The day was finalised with a guided tour of change rooms and team facilities at Adelaide Oval.

‘The AFL is made up of a significant number of players who come from rural and regional communities with many of our past and present players at AFC being from the country,’ Jarrod said. ‘We don’t often get the chance to work with country footballers of this age and it’s a great opportunity for both us and the kids. Without local businesses like Centre State Exports who create this opportunity, this type of program just simply wouldn’t happen.’

We thank the Adelaide Football Club, in particular the football department for making the day such a success and allowing us to give the kids involved a truly unique experience.

CSE Crows Clinic - All Participants

Front row from left:
Dusty Wheare, Jack McAuley, Luke Stephenson, Ty Zerk, Harry McDonald, Andrew Horrace, Harry Reynolds, Angus Maynard, Phoenix Foster, Harvey Pedler, Phoenix Barclay, Darcy Bastian, Jack Grosser, Jack Harris, Brody Gray, Liam Gerber, Tyrell Box, Brad Barnes

Henry Elson, Joel Bertelsmeier

Eyre Peninsula Group

From left:
Ben Hart, Phoenix Foster, Dusty Wheare, Harvey Pedler, Liam Gerber, Jack Grosser, Sam Jacobs

Mid North Group

From left:
Ben Hart, Henry Elson, Joel Bertelsmeier Sam Jacobs, Phoenix Barclay, Harvey McDonald

South East Mallee Group

Back row from left:
Ben Hart, Sam Jacobs, Jack McAuley

Front row from left:
Tyrell Box, Ty Zerk, Brody Gray, Luke Stephenson

Upper North Group

From left:
Harry Reynolds, Ben Hart, Darcy Bastian, Sam Jacobs, Andrew Horrace

Yorke Peninsula Group

From left:
Ben Hart, Sam Jacobs

Front row from left:
Angus Maynard, Jack Harris, Brad Barnes

Clinic Action Shots