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CSE Crows Clinic 2019

Centre State Exports and the Adelaide Football Club have recently combined to hold their annual Crows Country Kids Clinic. Twenty regional clubs from South Australia were asked to nominate one of their most talented 13 or 14 year old players to participate in a ‘learning and training day’ with staff from the Adelaide Crows.

The clinic was held at Adelaide Oval on 18th July while the Crows players conducted their ‘captain’s run’ training session ahead of their pivotal match against Essendon the following night. Co-Captains Rory Sloane and Taylor Walker both took the time to interact with the kids over the fence.

Of significance, this years clinic included its first junior female attendees, Shineah Goody of the Southern Eagles FC and Kayleigh May of Kadina FC. Given the rapid growth of female participation in Aussie Rules Footy, we were fortunate to have Hannah Martin of the Adelaide Crows AFLW side, and a born and bred Yorke Peninsula girl, come and have a chat to the kids about transitioning from country life to city life and the journey to becoming an AFLW premiership player.

2019 marked the fifth consecutive year of running the clinic that has continued to be a great success.

The kids nominated by their clubs included:

Jyiiha Curtis-Kelly - Ardrossan FC

Macauley Smith - Balaklava FC

Mhavrick Harris-Light - BBH FC

Zack Bigg - Central Eyre FC

Kane Fiegert - Cowell FC

Aaron Kerr - Cummins Kapinne FC

Dylan Williams - Hummocks Watchman Eagles FC

Kayleigh May - Kadina FC

Lochie Hahne - Kaniva Leeor FC

Bryce Eriksen - Karoonda FC

Bryce Cant - Kimba Districts FC

Charlie Baker - Mallala FC

Declan Gladigau - Mannum FC

Billy Ingham - MinMan Eagles FC

Jed Dignan - Orroroo FC

Bradley Hayes - Padthaway FC

Domenic Bagnato - Paskeville FC

Shineah Goody - Southern Eagles FC

Kalan Hayes - Southern Flinders FC

Stevie Riley - Southern Saints FC

The highlight of the day for many of the participants was the one on one time spent with South Australia’s very own ‘country boy’ and Crows ruckman Sam Jacobs. Sam gave the boys some real insight into the hard work, dedication and sacrifice that’s required to make it in the AFL.

The football department at the Adelaide Crows developed a program that allowed the young footballers to advance their understanding of what is required to reach an elite level and to discuss different aspects of life as a footballer such as daily routines, university studies, diet and nutrition.

With the clinic being held at Adelaide Oval, it allowed access to some key staff members from the Adelaide Football Club. Assistant Coach (Lameroo’s own) Michael Godden, Fitness & Nutrition specialists Nathan Heaney & Brie Salagaras and Physical Performance Assistant Jordan Sellar were amongst those to provide the kids with intellect in various areas of the football world.

We thank the Adelaide Football club, in particular the football department for making the day such a success and allowing us to give the kids involved a truly unique experience.

CSE Crows Clinic - All Participants

Adelaide Plains Group

From left:
Mick Godden, Charlie Baker, Billy Ingham, Dylan Williams, Macauley Smith, Stevie Riley, Sam Jacobs

Eyre Peninsula Group

From left:
Mick Godden, Zack Bigg, Aaron Kerr, Kane Fiegert, Bryce Cant, Sam Jacobs

South East Mallee Group

From left:
Mick Godden, Declan Gladigau, Bradley Hayes, Bryce Eriksen, Lochie Hahne, Sam Jacobs

Upper North Group

From left:
Mick Godden, Mhavrick Harris-Light, Jed Dignan, Kalan Hayes, Sam Jacobs

Yorke Peninsula Group

From left:
Mick Godden, Shineah Goody, Kayleigh May, Domenic Bagnato, Jyiitha Curtis-Kelly, Sam Jacobs

Clinic Action Shots